Friday, 6 November 2009

A Word From Our Sponsor

This blog was brought to you by the Ginza Line - the only way to get to Shibuya, 100% Design Tokyo and your hotel. (G-01, G-04, G-06)

Long Live the Ginza Line

Okay, so I guess that's it, apologies for the briefness in the end, but jet lag and fatigue have taken their toll on the blog and I just want to sleep...the installation has been great fun despite alot of hard work....many thanks to Ben and Taichi for working off their behinds and making the many tough pilgrimages to Tokyu Hands...

You can check out the final press images of the installation as well as upcoming projects on our website.

Ben is currently working on an iphone travel guide application, so check it out as I believe it will be due to launch very soon.

Taichi is spending most of his time in Electric Town, honing his Street Fighter IV skills after the multiple whoopings I gave him...don't listen to him if he disputes it, he's a bad loser...

...and although we didn't end up buying jumpsuits or dancing infront of a fish-eye lens, the last photo I took of Tokyo seems to take us nicely full circle, back to the beastie boys and the vast underground labyrinths of the Tokyo 'Met-e-ro'....God bless the Ginza Line everybody, hip-hip hooray! hip hip hooray! x

Please Do It At Home 3

Although not part of the 'Please do it at home' series, this is a sign that i'd like to see them try

Please Do It At Home 2

Just when you thought it couldn't get better

Tuesday/Wednesday - Tokyo Drifting

Besides taking down the installation, which was a horrific experience, we did have some time to race high powered nitro injected automobiles around Tokyo Highways, I was Vin Diesel and Taichi the pretty japanese girl....

Monday - Final Images

Okay, these are a selection of images from the final day of the installation...enjoy!

Pecha Kucha Presentation

The Pecha Kucha Presentation I did at Super Deluxe is now online, so check it out here

I also suggest you listen to the presentation titled KevRock which was truly awesome...